what is CBD oil isolate

Whether or not you’ve been paying attention, you’ve probably heard the term CBD Isolate in the news, online or in conversation. The rising buzz around the seemingly miraculous substance makes it sound like it’s something new – but the truth is that CBD has been around all along; it is just now that its benefits, uses and the process around how to obtain it is becoming more and more popular.

Controversy and those opposed to it because of its origins can end up shrouding it in a fog of unnecessary and misleading misconceptions that make it hard to really understand what it is, what its effects are and how it is used. CBD Isolate sounds more intimidating and complicated than it really is. Here is the breakdown of what CBD Isolate really is, a quick overview of its benefits and how it is typically used.

What is CBD Isolate?

Back in the days, marijuana was either smoked or ingested in food. However, over time and as science, chemistry and botany have progressed, extensive research has been conducted on marijuana and there is much more variety in the way it is consumed.

The chemical compound that gives marijuana its effects are called cannabinoids. Each cannabis plant has at least 85 different cannabinoids, but the most well known are CBD and THC. The THC ingredient is what gives marijuana its famous, (or for some perspectives, infamous) effects of making you high. This psychoactive effect is something that, while some users seek it, others are deterred by it. CBD is the cannabinoid known as Cannabidiol that has tons of health benefits and healing properties, without the compromising effects that THC has – in other words, CBD isolate, the extracted form of CBD, gives you all the good stuff without making you high. So while not everyone agrees on the state of getting high, everyone can agree that health benefits are good.

There are several different types of extraction methods to obtain the CBD isolate, with many utilizing CO2; other methods include Butane, Alcohol/Ethanol, and ice water. The extraction removes the excess plant material, leaving just the CBD concentrate. Depending on the form in which the concentrate is kept, solid, semi-solid or liquid, things like tinctures, oils, waxes or shatters can be made. To make CBD isolate, it would need to be refined further through winterization – a process that cools the chemical compound down to remove any impurities.

Benefits of CBD Isolate

Part of the wild popularity of CBD oil as of late is exactly this; the powerful abilities CDB has to heal, cure, boost and even enhance quality of life for some users. For proponents of natural remedies and plant derived cures, it is a poster child for the positive healing power of plants. Even more enticing is the fact that it has no side harmful effects, other than cotton mouth. However, it is important to note that if someone is taking certain medications, it would be recommended to consult with a doctor about using CBD isolate in conjunction, since its behavior has pointed to the fact that it interferes with liver enzymes in a way that might break down the components of other drugs.

Here are some of the benefits of CBD Isolate:

  • Fights Anxiety and depression
  • Combats tumors and cancerous cells
  • Helps reduce symptoms of chemotherapy treatment
  • Is regarded as a possible chemotherapy alternative
  • Works against neurodegenerative disorders like Parkinson’s Disease and others
  • Is an anti-inflammatory which in turn combats inflammation based illnesses like multiple sclerosis and more
  • Suppresses seizures and epilepsy
  • Has antipsychotic benefits working against schizophrenia, psychosis and other like mental disorders
  • It counteracts the paranoia, memory loss and drowsiness that is often associated with THC
  • Contains cosmetic benefits
  • And much more

Healing and symptom relieving treatment:

Because of all these benefits, CBD isolate is used to treat and heal diseases such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, neuropathic pain, chronic pain, OCD, cancer, psychosis, ALS, and a growing list of other ailments.

Cosmetic/beauty product:

While its typically CBD oil that is used for topical, cosmetic uses, CBD isolate can also be used for the same purposes. It’s anti-inflammatory and pain reduction make it ideal to add to body creams or face creams.

How is CBD Isolate Used?

As a Tincture

Adding a small amount to a teaspoon of coconut oil and holding it under your tongue is a way for it to enter the bloodstream sublingually.

As a Vaporizing Additive

CBD isolate can be added to vape oil products or e-liquids. Vaporization point is 180 to 200 degrees Celsius. Adding it to a vape pen or water bubbler is an effective and popular way of using CBD Isolate.

As a Dab Crystal

Another popular way to use CBD Isolate is to dab it using dab crystal CBD Isolate with a dabbing rig for a boost and quick medical relief.

As an Inhalant

Sprinkling some CBD Isolate on whatever you use to smoke can help smooth out the THC induced high and can counteract some of the harsh psychoactive effects of it.

As a Topical or Salve

Adding the CBD Isolate powder to a topical cream or oil is another way to use it. Or, if you know how to make a save or want to take on learning how, CBD Isolate makes a great addition to salves.

As CBD Infused Oils

CBD oils can be incorporated into foods and beverages, however, they don’t match the usability of CBD Isolate. The CBD isolate is different in that it is soluble in a variety of oils – that includes coconut oils, palm oils, avocado oils and more, as well as liquids.  Once the oil is created, it can then be added to edibles such as cookies, brownies, cakes, or anything else that typically takes oil as an added ingredient. It can even be put into coffee, , smoothies or massage oils. When doing this, it is important to know that the boiling point for CBD is 320 to 356 Farenheit and that some of the CBD’s potency can be lost once these temperatures are reached. Using lower cooking temperatures can help sidestep this problem to retain the maximum potency.

As a Potency Enhancer for Hemp Oil Products

For those that use CBD Hemp Oil products and wish to enhance the potency, adding CBD Isolate will increase the concentration and give it a boost. The same can be done for MCT oil based liquids, tinctures and other products. Weighing CBD Isolate powder on a scale before adding it will give you full control of how much you’re adding and taking.