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Water Soluble CBD

Water Soluble CBD


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What Is Water Soluble CBD?

Recently, there has been a lot of hype about a new kind of CBD which is referred to as water soluble CBD. This has of course made many people curious and has them asking one another on social media and forums, “what is water soluble CBD?” The answers that are given online by non-experts are sometimes either partially wrong or completely wrong. That is why we decided to write this article so that we could thoroughly discuss what water soluble CBD is and how it can benefit you versus traditional CBD oil tinctures.

Whenever you place CBD oil underneath your tongue and then hold it in place for one to three minutes (in other words, take it sublingually) the major advantage is that many of CBD oil’s most important active components get directly absorbed into the bloodstream. That is preferable to taking CBD oil in the form of a capsule or swallowing the CBD oil drops directly since they don’t need to pass through your digestive system entirely before it gets absorbed in your bloodstream. Therefore, when CBD oil is taken sublingually it gets CBD as well as other cannabinoids into your CB2 receptors more efficiently and a lot faster than just swallowing it. It result in the terpenes within the CBD oil getting distributed through your body much more efficiently and quickly.

When taking CBD oil underneath your tongue there still is a problem. Oil and water really do not mix too well and blood is approximately eighty percent water. Just think about what happens whenever you make a vinaigrette salad and mix oil with vinegar, which is a water solution, at the bottom of the salad bowl. So what happens? The water and oil separate and then pool apart. In order to get them to mix together, you have to use a whisk with plenty of force and speed, and even when you do that, the oil and vinegar still separate out once more if your vinaigrette is left out too long prior to serving it. Also, if you closely examine the vinaigrette, you will small beads of oil within the water. That is because they really never mix well at all!

Basically that is what takes place whenever CBD oil gets absorbed in your bloodstream. Due to the powerful action that your heart provides (which is your internal whisk basically) your blood that pulsates throughout your blood vessels can mix win somewhat with the CBD oil molecules. However, the CBD oil doesn’t ever fully dissolve within your blood or into the cells that it gets taken to, since they are around ninety percent water. In that situation, some of the valuable terpenes and cannabinoids get delivered into the CB2 recpetors and use your blood as their main carrier, however a lot of it does end up getting wasted since it doesn’t really fully dissolve into your cells or blood. Many of CBD oil’s best components instead end up getting flushed from your body and into your feces and urine before having a chance to get absorbed.

CBD Molecule

Whenever people speak about “bioavailability,” what they are discussing is the amount of nutrient that goes in your body that your body is actually able to use and put it to good purpose. It is estimated by some experts that you get only around ten percent of whatever the total available terpenes and cannabinoids are when taking CBD oil into your CB2 receptors whenever it is put under your tongue, and when you directly swallow it or take it in capsule form it is even less. Therefore, water soluble CBD’s key advantage is your body is able to directly absorb a higher percentage of terpenes and cannabinoids that are available within the CBD oil, in fact as high as one hundred percent. So, in other words, you are able to obtain a great benefit through taking a lower amount of CBD oil. Since you can use less that can also help to save you money.

Another key advantage that is offered by water soluble CBD is you can judge your serving sizes much more accurately so that you know exactly the amount that needs to be taken in order to achieve your desired therapeutic effect. When it comes to CBD oil, you won’t know always what actual dosage you are receiving since it is difficult to know the exact amount of active components of the CBD oil that your body ends up actually absorbing. You know when it comes to water soluble CBD that your body absorbs a majority of the terpenes, cannabinoids and other kinds of phytonutrients within the CBD oil. In that way, you can determine what the actual dosage is more accurately that you are receiving.

In order for CBD oil to be made water soluble, it needs to be reengineered inside of a lab. Then it gets sold as either a water soluble CBD liquid or water soluble CBD Isolate Powder. The process that is used for achieving this miraculous chemistry is patented, and therefore we don’t know all of the exact details that go into the process. However, here is what we actually do know. CBD Oil is converted into nano-sized particles, which are droplets that are microscopically small that are able to mix more easily into your blood. Although it isn’t the same exact thing technically as dissolving, it has an effect that is close enough so that we can call it that.


Wholesale Water Soluble CBD

Wholesale Water Soluble CBD

Wholesale Water Soluble CBD Isolate Liquid

Another thing we know is that CBD oil molecules so that they will be made more water soluble.  There have been extensive studies on its strong anti-inflammatory properties. It can help with warding off Alzheimer’s disease and is safe. Another thing it is known for is preventing several kinds of common cancers which include breast cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer. With a neutral pH as well as room temperature, curcumin is just slightly water soluble. But when the temperature and pH are played with, scientists have been able to get molecules that are just slightly soluble and make them a lot more soluble. That is a good guess on how a higher soluble produce is achieved.

You should always be sure to get a water soluble CBD that is a full spectrum version, where none of the terpenes, cannabinoids or other phytonutrients were removed during the process of making it water soluble. There are both powder and liquid forms of water soluble CBD Isolate that are available. You can get Water Soluble Oil and Water Soluble Isolate. CBD Isolate For Sale At Silver Shadow Wholesale Water Soluble CBD.

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