CBD and Celebrities

CBD or cannabidiol has reached a level of fame worthy of the red carpet. It is no longer looked at as a fringe substance, meant only for a very ‘woke’ niche market; the wonder compound is basically mainstream. The legislation is slowly catching up, with the 2018 Farm Bill declaring at least hemp derived products as federally legal, but everyone from cancer patients to natural health influencers and alternative medicine proponents is creating a climate that will surely result in inevitable legalization of all cannabis products in some fast-approaching future. The issue is already a key topic for the 2020 presidential candidates. However, they’re not the only public figures taking on the conversation of the powers of cannabis products; we mentioned ‘red carpet’ earlier for a reason and that’s because there is a laundry list of international celebrities who have gone public with their CBD usage. Many Hollywood actors and music stars are making the health benefits of CBD the topic of conversation in interviews, on their social media pages and some are even championing full spectrum legalization by taking on roles of full-on CBD activists.

Some might not see the importance of a celebrity using the spotlight to advocate for CBD, but celebrities have some of the best healthcare on the planet due to their financial freedom. Many of them are also dealing with some of the world’s most serious ailments and balancing them with intense work schedules. Here is a list of some well-known celebrities who have been outspoken about their CBD usage:

Michael J. Fox: For Parkinson’s Disease

His best-known role is Marty McFly in the mid 80’s classic, Back to the Future and Teen Wolf. He had a bright career ahead of him but was unfortunately diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1991 at the relatively early age of 29. Since one of CBD’s superpowers is dealing with neurodegenerative disorders, CBD has been part of Michael J. Fox’s treatment plan. It has helped him alleviate some of his symptoms. His Foundation has even done research and found that a high amount of cannabinoid receptors are located in the human basal ganglia which is a group of brain cells that control movement – these are affected by the disease. Studies have shown the cannabinoids, like CBD, can help protect brain cells via antioxidant and anti-inflammatory mechanisms.

Whoopi Goldberg: For Menstrual Cramps and Glaucoma

Well known actress, tv host, comedian and author Whoopi Goldberg have been forthcoming about her CBD use for quite some time. She uses it via vape pen to help her alleviate her Glaucoma symptoms and to reduce pain from menstrual cramps. Her endorsement of CBD, as well as medical marijuana, has led to a business venture alongside a well-known partner. She and Maya Elisabeth, a marijuana industry veteran formed joint company Whoopi & Maya. The company specializes in marijuana-infused products for women – products such as tinctures, bath soaps, balms, and even hot chocolate.

Morgan Freeman: For Fibromyalgia

Iconic actor and narrator Morgan Freeman, known for a long list of legendary roles throughout his career, has been a serious cannabis advocate for quite some time. He began openly advocating for CBD following an almost fatal car accident back in 2008. Post recovery, he was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Intense pain and discomfort led him to plant-based medicines. Morgan Freeman uses CBD as a natural pain reliever.

Jennifer Anniston: For Anxiety and Stress Management

Red carpet A-lister Jennifer Anniston, known best for her role as Rachel in the cult classic show Friends has openly spoken about her CBD use as a way to improve her mental and physical health. She’s specifically cited it as helping her manage stress and anxiety in her life. She’s credited CBD for helping her deal with different types of chronic pain and helping her lift her overall mood.

Rihanna: For Life in General

Grammy award-winning music industry royalty and Bajan beauty entrepreneur Rihanna has held no punches and been 100% open about her cannabis usage over the years.

Alessandra Ambrosio: For Muscle Pain and Good Sleep

Brazilian model and actress, best known for being Victoria’s Secret angel and a spokesmodel for the brand’s PINK line have divulged that she uses CBD oil, mainly to help alleviate muscle pain and to help her sleep better.

Olivia Wilde: For Muscle Tightness and as an Alternative to Painkillers

Actress Olivia Wilde opened up about her love for CBD lotion. She stated in a New York Times interview that while doing a Broadway play for 6 months, she was experiencing a lot of physical pain including tightness in her neck. She spoke about CBD’s relaxing effects and how it helped her avoid using conventional, side-effect ridden painkillers.

Kim Kardashian: For Baby Showers! And for Everything Else

The queen of social media herself has become such a proponent of CBD that she threw a CBD themed baby shower celebrating her upcoming fourth child. Shower attendees made their own CBD infused bath salts, participated in meditations and sound baths while trying different forms of CBD to help her cope with the ongoing stress of yet another child. In attendance were a slew of celebs, including Chrissy Teigen, Paris Hilton, and her sisters. In addition to this new age baby shower event, she has been outspoken about using CBD salves on a regular basis.

Kristen Bell: For Sore Muscles

Actress Kristen Bell has shared at least one photo of her favorite CBD lotion brand on Instagram, stating that it helps her with sore muscles post workout.

Mandy Moore: For Achy Red Carpet Feet

Actress and star of the hit show This is Us have spoken about CBD use during a red carpet interview. She mentioned using it to help soothe her aching feet – a pain many a red carpet strutting celebrity is all too familiar with. The trick is something celebrity stylists have been sharing with their clients.

Montel Williams: For MS Pain and Depression

Veteran TV talk show host Montel Williams has been openly advocating for CBD and full cannabis legalization for years now. According to him, he’s been using cannabis-based products on a daily basis for at least 17 years. He has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis – a disease that affects the entire body. It is a painful disease that results in the body’s immune system attacking the insulation around the nerves. To add insult to injury, he then began dealing with depression as a result – once even leading him to attempt suicide. Following that incident, he began using CBD to help manage his pain and his depression. Montel currently believes CBD is helping him navigate daily life in a much healthier way, allowing him to make his regular television appearances and even giving educational talks about cannabis. He has made it his mission to shed light on the healing power of cannabis.

Steve Kerr: For Pain, Nausea, Vomiting and a Substitute for Painkillers

A 5 time NBA Championship winner as a player (3 with the Chicago Bulls, 2 with the San Antonio Spurs) and a 3-time winner with the Golden State Warriors as Head Coach, Steve Kerr underwent back surgery in 2015. Unfortunately, there were errors in the surgery which resulted in cerebrospinal fluid leaks. The leaks debilitated him, causing vomiting, nausea, and headaches as well as impaired his senses. It caused him to be absent for over half of the 2016-2017 season. Kerr turned to CBD and medical marijuana for pain management and has found it to be a powerful alternative to prescription painkillers that are known to become addictive over time.