CBD Oil Wholesale

CBD Oil Wholesale

What You Should Know About CBD Oil Wholesale Buying

People tend to portray some level of skepticism when one mentions products that are obtained from cannabis. This is because they mostly associate the use of these products with the recreational marijuana. However, CBD oil and many other CBD-based products are in a group of themselves. They do not have any psychoactive effects despite being derived from cannabis. In simple terms, you cannot use them to get high.

Contrary to many other cannabis-related products, the legality of CBD cannot be questioned since it is legal for purchase and use in all states in the US. You can easily buy it online with no restrictions and have it brought to your doorstep. The numerous benefits that CBD has to make it a good product for sale on your e-commerce website or retail store.

Getting sources of wholesale CBD -related products shouldn’t be a challenge. CBD oil is arguably the most popular of all the products, but there are other less known items like edibles, capsules, sprays, topical ointments, and suppositories. CBD is a product with numerous uses, and it comes in various forms as well. If you run any natural health store, you will discover that CBD will turn out to be among your best selling products.

But for starters, you must help customers in understanding what CBD is, its difference from marijuana products, its health benefits, and why they should buy it. Otherwise, you will end up with an unlimited stock of edibles, topical ointments, and oils that cannot get a buyer. Let us explore the basics in this article so that you will quickly sell your new product.

What Is CBD?

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol, which is just one of more than 80 cannabinoid variations extracted from the cannabis plant. And unlike the other cannabinoids, CBD bears no psychoactive effects. It is rich in vitamins and has been found to have numerous positive effects on our bodies. CBD is known to be the second most prevalent cannabinoid in the cannabis plant with the reigning one being THC.

Plants that usually are cultivated for the extraction of CBD are known as high-CBD, low-THC hemp plants. On the contrary, plants used for medical marijuana are referred to as high-THC plants. As is, hemp is known to contain very minimal traces of THC. It is for this reason that it is mainly used in the textile industry among many other sectors.

Just like many other cannabinoids, CBD tends to interact with our bodies in numerous ways. It is known to interact with a component referred to as the endocannabinoid system, which is a unique set of brain receptors which deal with cannabinoids alone. The human ECS is known to have an impact on pain sensations, appetite, mood, and memory.

With the existence of ECS, it is evident that our brains can handle cannabinoids. In fact, our bodies tend to produce cannabinoids which are meant to communicate with the ECS receptors. A majority of people today do not include cannabinoids in their diet, and as such, ECS is not well maintained. Although the internally produce cannabinoids are beneficial, their impact is not the same as that of the natural, plant-based cannabinoids.

And as mentioned earlier, there are numerous ways in which you can introduce CBD to your body with the most popular one being through CBD oil. If you are not entirely sure of the CBD product you should sell on wholesale, then CBD oil is a product you should consider investing in.

What is CBD Oil?

To begin with, you should note that the hemp oil and CBD oil you might see in your local grocery are entirely different. Hemp oil is a supplement that is usually extracted from the hemp plant seeds. While it is hugely beneficial to our bodies, it also has different effects on the body. One important aspect is that it has no CBD, so it only offers nutritional value.

CBD oil is entirely obtained from the stalk of the plant, though some seed extracts could be added to the oil to boost the oil’s nutritional value. It is advisable to view CBD oil as hemp oil with a slight addition of the CBD aspect which makes it a massive improvement over the conventional hemp oil products.

The extraction oil for both products is also different. The extraction process is aimed at removing CBD from the plant without extracting other cannabinoids. However, some vitamins and additional minerals like omega-3 fatty acids could be extracted.

On completion of the extraction process, it is up to the specific manufacturer to decide what additional compounds to add to this mixture. It is advisable to leave the extract as pure as it is so that other people down your supply like can add what they fancy. Pure CBD oil is what you need if you want to enjoy the numerous health benefits of CBD. It could be hard for you to make more sales if there are other ingredients or chemicals added to the oil.

Benefits of CBD

If you deal with the sale of CBD oil, many buyers will often want to know about the benefits of using this product. Their curiosity is quite understandable for that matter considering the sensitivity of the subject. There more than a dozen benefits of CBD oil and other related products. Here are a few of the many advantages.

1. Fighting Acne: A study concerning the topical utilization of CBD oil was conducted by the Journal of Clinical Investigation, and it was discovered that CBD functioned as a sebostatic as well as an anti-inflammatory compound. The findings were that CBD reduced lipid synthesis and consequently acne breakouts. Surprisingly, the specimen used was a cream made from CBD oil and not the pure oil.

2. Fighting Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: PTSD is a problem faced by millions of people, and especially military personnel. In PTSD, a patient has to deal with severe anxiety and stress regularly. Anxiety and stress have been found to be two psychological aspects which could be impacted by ECS. On many occasions, CBD has been found to bear anti-anxiety effects.

3. Treatment of Schizophrenia: CBD has become the focal point of much attention in psychology due to the potential and ability it has to combat various conditions. In the year 2012, a study was conducted concerning the impact of CBD on schizophrenia, and it was found that this plant extract could treat this disorder better than many popular medications that were being used at the time.

4. Mitigate Cigarette Cravings: Another study was conducted to find out whether CBD could be helpful in the fight against cigarette addiction. The study utilized two specimen groups; one group was issued with an inhaler filled with CBD while the other was given an inhaler filled with placebo. Both groups were to use their inhalers any time they felt the urge to smoke. The group with a CBD inhaler were found to have reduced cigarette usage by about 40 percent by the time the research was concluded.

The benefits as mentioned earlier are just a few of the numerous benefits CBD is known to offer. Moreover, they are the most known benefits. CBD is popularly known to provide pain relief, reduce the risk of diabetes, mitigate the symptoms of cancer, improve cardiovascular health, and fight nausea. It is surprising how all these effects could come from just a simple cannabinoid.

Buying Wholesale CBD

At first glance, the laws in the States could give the impression that it is difficult to deal with CBD oil. Unfortunately, the growth and processing of the hemp plant in the United States are still viewed as illegal. There are many farms that grow the hemp plant, but they are allowed by the government to do it for research and medical purposes.

And while it is against the law to cultivate or process the hemp plant in the United States, you are allowed to buy hemp-based products which were produced outside the country. For instance, you could buy wholesale hemp from outside the United States and have it shipped to the US. Hemp products are always everywhere in the United States, and they got into the country legally. The imported hemp is not worth close to half a billion dollars.

As time goes by, the chances are that the US government will legalize the cultivation of hemp plants for commercial use further than just the 2014 Farm Bill. But until then, you should stick to obtaining a wholesale supplier from across the border or a US-based wholesaler who imported the hemp plant extracts and manufactured the oil locally.

While the former option could be difficult, it is apparently affordable. Buying from a US-based wholesaler means that you will buy the products at a price higher than what you would have paid if you purchased directly from a wholesaler who is abroad. There are also numerous legal hurdles that toy must cross to take this route. Also, you need to consider the quality of the oil you are getting as well as the production stage in which you buy the oil.

Most of the wholesale suppliers in the US purchase the extracts abroad and convert them into oil locally. This gives them the chance to test the safety and quality of their product as well as monitor the manufacturing. If you want your buyers to enjoy high-quality products, these are the wholesale companies you should be looking for.

Do Your Homework

Whether you will be buying from a local or international wholesaler, it is imperative that you do enough research. Seek to learn a lot about the company as well as other businesses that buy from them.