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Certificates of Analysis

Official Stance on Testing

Silver Shadow will provide random third party batch testing results for public use and for internal quality control. We do not provide individual batch test results for clients. We do offer an online portal with our testing for the public to view all test we do for raw and finished products batching found here: https://analytical360.com/clients/listing/silver-shadow-cbd

We encourage our clients to reach out to Analytical 360 as they offer custom dashboard where clients can set up an account and send in their batch samples if they want the batch number on their testing page and to have the tests in their name.

As always, all raw material are tested by Analytical 360 (or other labs) for our 3rd party raw material batch testing. We will not be testing for our finished goods for heavy metals, pesticides and the like as we use the same suppliers and the raw material testing may contain this information depending on the chain of custody. We do provide this info from time to time.
We Test all raw materials before going into production or selling for wholesale and 3rd party test all production batches.